Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another Reason Romney Not Trustworthy: The Company He Keeps

From our friends over at 3BP:
A month ago on BigGovernment.com and Third Base Politics, we told you about how Mitt Romney’s campaign has been relying on Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine and a scandal-plagued political consultant named Brett Buerck to advise him on his Ohio campaign.

Brett Buerck, widely known among Ohio political activists for his scandal plagued career, is now back as one of Mitt Romney’s point men in organizing Ohio. Buerck is also known as ORP Chairman DeWine’s closest consultant on Party politics. Finally, Romney’s sole appearance in Ohio during this entire campaign season was months ago when he appeared arm-in-arm with DeWine in southeast Ohio and proceeded to flip flop against Kasich’s government union reform bill, all at the recommendation of DeWine.

In other words, Romney is counting on Buerck and DeWine to lead him to victory in Ohio.

In fact, if you remember last fall when Romney punted on supporting governor John Kasich’s government union reforms in Ohio, it was reported that it was DeWine who advised him not to get involved with the issue. The reforms were strongly supported by the grassroots conservatives who vote in Ohio’s primary, and the incident surely cost him votes in the state. Romney later said he supported those reforms, furthering the “flip-flopper” narrative that his opponents use against him. In short, the entire incident was a disaster for him and it all started with bad advice from DeWine.

But it gets worse...This Buerck clown really is a colossal f-up:
The incompetence didn’t end there. In a press release likely put together by the Buerck/DeWine team, they listed a “Mr. Butterworth” as an Ohio state representative part of Romney’s Ohio team, when no such representative has ever existed in the Ohio Legislature.
A couple of weeks ago, Romney suffered another embarrassment in Ohio when Attorney General and former Senator Mike DeWine withdrew his endorsement of Romney and switched to Rick Santorum. Mike DeWine and Kevin DeWine are second cousins, and not necessarily very friendly with each other. The Ohio AG said he felt snubbed by the Romney campaign.

GEORGETOWN, Ohio -- Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says he didn't call the Romney campaign before endorsing Rick Santorum because "they haven't called me for months."
"I didn't think I owed them anything," DeWine told BuzzFeed tonight at a Lincoln Day Dinner event in Brown County that featured Santorum as a speaker. "They didn't have the courtesy to have the Governor even ever call me. Even after I endorsed him and called to say I was endorsing him."

In just the past few hours, the reason he didn’t get a call has become clear. In an email, Brett Buerck advised the campaign that it would be a waste of time, and went on to rudely insult Mike DeWine. Buerck intended to send the email to Kevin DeWine in his communication with the Romney campaign. However, he accidentally sent the message calling Mike DeWine “very high maintenance” to Mike DeWine himself. Oops.

This is the leadership in Ohio GOP circles. It is no wonder we can't get things done right and just engage in circle firing squads. Kevin DeWine and Mr. Buerck really seem to be on the ball, don't they? Oh boy are we ever screwed......