Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dennis the Menace Update: Turns Cult on Jessica Little

Dennis the Menace Just can't stay out of politics. The multi-time loser, not just in elections but in court battles, has filed papers to run as an Independent for Prosecutor in November. He will be going against incumbent Republican Jessica Little and former Democrat (whose term was known for corruption and cronyism and slow wheels of justice) Tom Grennan.

So now, rather than going after Wenninger, his long time nemesis, Varnau figures to sharpen the knives against someone he tried to ruin when they were first running for office. You may recall that Dennis, without permission of Little, used her campaign colors and a picture of her on a sign for his own campaign for sheriff (which by the way, EPICLY FAILED! in getting Dennis elected and EPICLY FAILED! in stymieing Little). This must be payback, because Dennis thinks they were supposed to be a new dynamic duo, with him as batman and Jessica as Robin. Well, Dennis got his sidekicked, and Jessica has gone on to have a good run so far as prosecutor. Wonder what will Dennis's platform be? "I couldn't beat the guy, so now I'll try a woman"? Or "I can't arrest people, but I sure can try em"? Or how about "I'm just a pathetic egomaniac who can't stop with conspiracies and tin foil hat stories to keep myself in the news"? I like that one best.