Monday, March 19, 2012

The Devil We Know Will Resign

As long-time readers will know, in the Great Civil War of the Ohio Republican Party, I back Kevin DeWine not because I think he's been a great chairman who deserves to reap the benefits of his misappropriation of party funds on state central committee races, but rather because the names that Team Kasich floated in media reports were even less exciting.

Reports are out now that Chairman DeWine has decided not to seek re-election as chairman. So, now it is time for Team Kasich to stop the silliness and get serious about who they want to serve as the next chairman. Bouncin' Bob McEwen and Doug Priesse are not acceptable. Alex Arshinkoff would be an awful choice.

At the moment, I think Paul Hall would make a great chairman......ORP could use some down home leadership right about now... I'm only half kidding......