Thursday, March 08, 2012

Mark's Take on Primary 2012 OH

Fear, loathing, and adherence to "conventional wisdom" ruled the day in Ohio, especially in SW Ohio. Also, I learned that the disgusting, fear/hate mongering, misrepresenting of records in radio ads used by the slimeball Mark Weaver are more powerful than truth, because people in a certain congressional district evidently are too stupid and lazy to use google. I also learned that good races can be run, as in my home county of Brown the Republican primary was fought honorably with all four candidates running a respectable race, unlike the dirty lame, easily disproven rhetoric in the 2nd congressional race.

The Good

Brown County Clerk of Courts Race was fought honorably, and appears to have been won by Clark Gray on the Republican side. No mudslinging, no craziness, just good old fashioned campaigning.

The Ohio 66th district would have been represented well with either Nick Owens or Doug Green, but Congrats go to my friend and soon to be former county Auditor, Doug Green, for his victory. The good news is that Nick Owens is a young guy, earned a lot of political street cred, and is not going anywhere. Nick is a great guy, and many who voted for Doug told me that Nick was their 2nd choice. The other jokers just took votes from the fringes.

Friend of WMD and TIB John Becker handily defeated his primary opponent in the 65th Ohio house district. Congrats to a great guy and better friend!

The race for state senate 14th district remains up for grabs. While either candidate is acceptable, my hope is that Paul Hall wins. I have known him longer and respect him a great deal.

The Bad

Mitt Romney wins in a narrow fashion of Rick Santorum. Ohio republicans seem to be afraid of everything. Too conservative? Not conservative enough? So we frequently get squishes...(See Voinovich, George; Taft, Bob; Portman, Rob) So, Ohio let the lamestream media, which castigates Rush Limbaugh for calling a person who lied about her age to college officials, lied about her agenda and does want others to pay for her sexual exploits a whore, while saying nothing about Bill Maher calling Sarah Palin a c*nt or Michelle Bachmann the same or worse. You ask me where the war on women is, it is in the democratic party, where you are asked to be either a multi divorcee, a never married strumpet, or some type of weird hybrid in order to be considered a real woman. Ohioans did not cowboy up. Shameful.

The Ugly

Ohio GOP sell out Jean Schmidt to save Steve Chabot's a$$. Hamilton County killed Jean Schmidt. Clermont didn't help much. But it was the redistricting done by the state to save supposed conservative (just don't film my supposedly public meetings) Chabot that helped do in one of the most conservative members of Congress.
Here is what I learned from this ugliness that makes this seat up for grabs for the first time since Rob Portman left it a few years back:

1. Dirtbag Mark Weaver's negative, slimy, slanderous radio ads work. Even though they were largely untrue and factually inaccurate, they turned enough heads in Clermont and other counties so that she couldn't stand the swelling from Wenstrup's home area of Hamilton County.

2. Alex T. is a douche. What about needing to get behind our incumbents. My sources tell me Alex T. was a wenstrup guy all along. Douche.

3. Ohio 2nd district voters are too lazy to use the computer or consult real sources. Rather than going to lame sites like USAbrad.douchebag, they could google things and see the real news...or come to WMD. No, instead, you believe whatever you hear on 700wlw. Pathetic.

My projections on The Implications if Wenstrup wins:
1. Brown, and the other eastern counties will never see Brad Wenstrup. Jean Schmidt bent over backwards to attend every large and small event in our counties or send someone from her office. Don't look for that from Brad. Until election time.

2. Voters in Brown and the other eastern Counties should have to be IQ tested before voting. Seriously, you voted for a foot doctor who likes to give money to baby killers over someone who is one of the top conservatives according to numerous sources?

3. The 2nd district will become a joke. Goodbye to any thoughts of getting the right thing done for the people of Piketon. This was a crusade for Jean Schmidt. That kiss that the slimeball slanderer Mark Weaver used in the radio ads? Each one of those damned kisses had the whisper of "remember and honor your promise about Piketon, Mr. President."

Last word to you Dr. Wenstrup. You better damn well be the 2nd coming of Captain America, my friend. Whether this blog continues after this election cycle or not, Matt and I have a saying....Tall grass.....tall grass.....we will be watching. You better never vote for a damn bill put forth by a democrat or Obama, or so help me I will nail your lying in public and giving money to baby killers arse to the wall with the language of your slimy campaign commercials. Welcome to the jungle....let's see if you can stand the heat. Oh, and I will not be campaigning for you in the fall....I won't campaign against you, but I am not campaigning for you. You have to earn that.