Friday, March 09, 2012

OSD-17: Peterson Applies for Ohio Senate Vacancy

(Columbus) - Ohio Senate President Tom Niehaus and Ross County Republican Party Chairwoman Diane Carnes announced today that State Representative Bob Peterson (R-Sabina) is the only applicant to fill the vacancy in Ohio's 17th District Senate seat.

"Bob has strong support not only from the members of our caucus but also from the county party leaders in the district who will join us in this selection process," said Niehaus. "I will be contacting the party chairs in the district to share Bob's application and get a quick and unanimous consensus for his appointment and nomination."

The 23-member Senate Republican Caucus is responsible for appointing a replacement to the seat; however, state law requires the seat to stand for election on the November general election ballot because the vacancy was created within 20 months of a resigning member's term. The candidate appearing on the ballot must be nominated by the central committee chairs and secretaries of the 10 county Republican parties in the district.
NOTE: Earlier Cliff Rosenberger announced that he was passing. Is the fix in? :)