Friday, March 02, 2012

Swain Announces Endorsements

(Hamilton, OH) Mary Swain, Republican Clerk of Courts, released a list of power endorsements for the 2012 Republican Primary. The list of high level endorsements includes conservative representatives of law enforcement, retired judges, and the county’s top fiscal officers.

Those endorsing Clerk of Courts Mary Swain in the Republican Primary include retired Sheriff Harold “Don” Gabbard, County Prosecutor Michael Gmoser, retired Judge John Moser, retired Judge Anthony Valen, former State Senator Scott Nein, current State Senator Bill Coley, Commissioner Chuck Furmon, County Auditor Roger Reynolds, County Treasurer Nancy Nix, retired Recorder Joyce Thall, retired State Representative Shawn Webster, Middletown Mayor Larry Mulligan, Madison Township Trustee Alan Daniel, Middletown Councilman Joe Mulligan, Dave Kern, and Citizens for Community Values among many others.

“Mary Swain is an honest, ethical and conservative public servant who puts integrity first,” said Gabbard. “I urge law enforcement and all Butler County voters to get behind Mary Swain as Clerk.”

“I am thrilled to have the support of so many pillars of our County who represent such a diverse collection of conservative Republican professionals,” said Swain. “These Republican leaders understand the need to keep me as Clerk because I was able to slash the office budget to an eight year low, refund one million dollars to the county, and upgrade obsolete technology.”

Swain was appointed Clerk in January 2011 by the Butler County Republican Party. During her appointment in which she defeated her current opponent in the Republican Primary, Swain promised a fiscally conservative office.

“Mary Swain is the leader that Butler County and the Clerk of Courts office needed. I am honored to join my fellow Republican leaders in supporting Mary Swain for Clerk of Courts because we need real conservatives in office who believe in fiscal restraint, accountability and transparency,” said County Auditor Roger Reynolds.

Swain also noted that she has received the most votes in each of two Tea Party straw polls in the last month – one in West Chester and one in Fairfield.

Swain is the past Chair of the Republican Party’s Central Committee and resides in Middletown with her husband. She has three children and two grandchildren.