Saturday, April 14, 2012

Secret Service Shenanigans

Some Secret Service personnel were sent home for soliciting Sandra Flukes prostitutes while working on the President's advance team. From US News:
The Secret Service is investigating allegations of misconduct by agency personnel preparing for President Barack Obama’s arrival at the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia, including that at least one officer solicited a prostitute, according to media reports.

A dozen Secret Service workers were sent home Thursday and replaced by others on site. The service overstaffs on international trips by bringing more agents than needed should one become sick.

Ron Kessler, who wrote the book, "In the President's Secret Service," told NBC News that he had learned that Secret Service personnel brought prostitutes back to their hotel room. They typically stay in the same hotel as the president, NBC News reported. He said that most of the 12 officials were involved.

He said authorities found out when a prostitute filed a complaint that she wasn't paid. Kessler said that police then alerted the State Department, which then alerted the White House and the Secret Service.

Kessler said that contrary to what senior administration officials have told NBC News, he believes those involved were Secret Service agents and not members of the Uniformed Division.

The Secret Service employees had arrived about a week before Obama touched down and stayed at Cartagena's Hotel Caribe, according to The Associated Press. A hotel employee told the AP that they had been drinking heavily throughout the week. Several reporters and White House staff also had rooms booked at the hotel.

OK, so, from the "Just Putting It Out There" Department:
Perhaps the SS agents were preparing and soliciting girls for the President's arrival? Maybe they were sampling the local wares to prepare concubines for the One? Hey, I'm not saying it is true....I'm just putting it out there.....