Friday, May 11, 2012

HAMILTON COUNTY: Coroner Shenanigans

Ohio Democrats can always be counted on for shenanigans and over in Hamilton County in the coroner's race that means putting up a false endorsement from a Republican commissioner. In a statement released by the Hamilton County Republican Party, Chairman Alex Triantafilou declared, "Lakshmi Sammarco has committed a clear violation of Ohio's election laws and deserves to face the Ohio Elections commission for her false statement. The false statement is particularly egregious because Dr. Sammarco is attempting to obscure the voters from the fact that she is a Democrat running on the Democratic Party ticket with Barack Obama in this fall's election cycle." "Dr. Sammarco should remove this photograph and phony endorsement immediately. She should then offer a public apology to Greg Hartmann, and carefully examine all of her campaign communications to be sure she is in compliance with state law. The citizens of Hamilton County should expect their Coroner to abide by state law." Triantafilou said. Dr. Pete Kambelos is the Republican in the race and is the right choice for Hamilton County.