Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nichols vs. Borges Followup: I Still Think the Appointment Is Stupid

From my state central committeeman, Scott Nichols:
This is a follow up on the appointment of Matt Borges
to the position of executive director of the ORP by Chairman Bennett.

After the release of yesterdays email I received both email and call from ORP executive director, Matt Borges. The conversation was very insightful and informative.

Mr. Borges informed me that he has been the target of the media for quite sometime and that the media is doing all it can to make it look like the ORP is fractured.

He discussed with me his work (one time only) for the Gay and Lesbian organization (where he felt it was legally necessary to register as a lobbyist) was over a proposed housing bill in the Ohio Congress. The organization was a client for the law firm Mr. Borges worked for. This law firm deals in public affairs and works with groups in a large spectrum of political positions on both sides of the aisle.. He met with Ohio GOP representatives to see what was in the upcoming bill and if this group could get a hearing on it.

The answer from the Ohio congress was no to the hearing and Mr. Borges filed his report to the organization. That was it. That is far from a lobbyist.

Now, you might say, Scott, you jumped into this with both feet and overreacted. Really?

I don't say that. I believe Mr. Nichols was on to something, but not just because Borges represented a gay group. I am thinking in terms of repercussions. But Mr. Nichols continues:

In my very short time with the ORP I have been blindsided multiple times already. This is just the latest occurrence.

As a SCC member representing four counties in SW Ohio it would be nice to not have to operate in a reactive mode all the time. It would be nice to have our leadership think carefully about fully vetting those they are consider hiring to keep these things to a minimum. An email on items of controversy to SCC members in advance would be helpful to keep us ahead of things. Even better, how about a committee of SCC members to interview these people first and then we vote on them?

No, Mr. Nichols, that would make too much sense and would lessen the influence of der chairman, Bob Bennett. Better to snap these decisions and then strong arm members into agreeing, rather than do the proper due dilligence.

As far Mr. Borges goes, I believe the damage is done here. In our short news cycle this will be yesterday's news. You will have to decide how you feel about this and make recommendations to the Chairman or simply forget about it.

The sad part to me is that once again I met a person in their late thirties who did not realize at the time he was working against conservative principles, even though he firmly believes himself to be conservative.

Hate to tell you, Scott, but the ORP offices are full of these people.

It is easy to say that since he is a lawyer he has to take this work. Really? When I asked if he would be fired he said he would not be most likely. Yet, he saw no issue on taking the work as a violation to conservative beliefs. Does that mean billable hours trump conservative values? I can't answer that for him but it seems we have a generational problem when money meets principles.

The ORP is split and the reason is we have many progressives in our party. Those many progressives do not even realize that they are so, and believe themselves to be conservatives.

Until we establish leadership that will stand hard against progressives, and their creeping agenda, too many will once again stay home and not vote.

America is @70% conservative in their beliefs, yet less than 50% show up to vote in presidential elections. 1/3 now consider themselves independent with no party and growing.

The Tea Party grew massively because it proudly pronounced just three conservative values. They continue to have a huge effect on voter turnout. Why? They do not play the middle of the road and people respond to that. That is what they are looking for. The ORP needs to learn this and the victories will follow for many years.


Scott A. Nichols
Senate District 14

Mr. Nichols may have backed off on Borges but I do not. Matt may be a good guy, but his short time even as a proposed appointment has been a lightning rod. CCV is having a fit. Other groups that have been strongly GOP are pulling away. And for what? So Bobby Bennett gets one of his guys in as executive director who happens to be a kasich guy. Not worth the trouble.