Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ohio House Passes Legislation to Provide Real-Time Traffic Data

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COLUMBUS—State Representative Craig Newbold (1st – Columbiana) has announced that the Ohio House of Representatives today passed House Bill 514, which authorizes the director of the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to enter into an agreement or contract with any entity to establish a traveler information program to provide real-time traffic conditions and travel information free to travelers.
“The goal of House Bill 514 is to use technology to keep individuals and businesses informed of traffic congestion or major delays to help them plan for alternate routes,” said Representative Newbold, who sponsored the legislation. “This will allow us to maximize our time management and cost-efficiency while on the road, while at the same time utilizing technology to our advantage and improving Ohio’s overall infrastructure. House Bill 514 is an important step toward improving our ability to travel throughout the state, enhancing our economic system and increasing public safety.”
House Bill 514 makes it the official duty of ODOT to provide a modern traffic management system that offers real-time data such as traffic speed, traffic volume, weather conditions and road construction. The director of ODOT would contract with a private vendor to employ a traffic management system, and the private vendor would be responsible for all costs associated with developing the program. Any excess revenue from the program will remain with ODOT for the purpose of improving Ohio’s highway system.
House Bill 514 passed by a vote of 81-15 and will be sent to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.