Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Gov. Kasich Statement on Signing of Ohio Dangerous Wild Animal Act

COLUMBUS – The statement below may be attributed to Gov. John R. Kasich as delivered during today’s signing of Senate Bill 310 (Balderson), the Ohio Dangerous Wild Animal Act:

“It took many, many months and an awful lot of hours because when you’re changing the culture of a state to bring about some rules and some regulation, it’s not something that happens easily …

“We now have changed Ohio, and there are a lot of other states out there, I believe, that are going to learn from what we’ve done in our state. I think, in many ways, this will be a model piece of legislation for the way to get this done. And while we stood out on the front page of the newspaper for having this tragedy here, I think we’re going to be on the front page of the newspapers with people saying, ‘Maybe we should see how did Ohio do it? How did they get this done? What did they do? What’s the reasonableness of it?’ And so I think it can serve as a real model for the rest of America about how to do this in a reasonable way.”

The Senate Bill 310 fact sheet can be found here. [PDF]

The bill signing ceremony can be viewed here.