Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kasich and Taylor on SCOTUS Decision

COLUMBUS – Today Gov. John R. Kasich and Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor released the following statement in response to the ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States on the constitutionality of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act:

“We’re very disappointed that this flawed law has been allowed to stand. The Supreme Court has confirmed what everyone knew all along—but that the White House tried to deny: this is a massive new tax on the middle class. Hopefully Congress will eventually repeal the law altogether and replace it with improvements that actually address the most pressing needs in health care, especially the need to reduce costs in order to improve access. Until then, Ohio taxpayers could be saddled with dramatically higher costs. The Administration will carefully analyze the decision to determine the appropriate next steps. We are very concerned that a sudden, dramatic increase in Medicaid spending could threaten Ohio’s ability to pursue needed reforms in other areas, such as education. Going forward, we remain committed to minimizing the law’s drag on the economic growth Ohio is beginning to experience, protecting the inviolate relationship between doctors and patients, and preserving as much free market competition in health care as possible.”