Monday, June 25, 2012

NBC's Andrea Mitchell Thinks the Deaths of Agent Terry and Others are Just a Distraction

Meet Andrea Mitchell:

She makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. She is a reporter for MSNBC and NBC News, aka the Obama Network, owned by a known Obama Schill. This woman has the best life ever, and she thinks Americans are stupid. She gets paid to rattle off a teleprompter and inject her misinformed opinion to tens of Americans. She is vastly overpaid, has never done anything to help the country, and thinks that Brian Terry's family doesn't deserve justice or to know if/how the government basically gave guns that murdered their loved one. Here is what this hack/b**ch said:
"It is a distraction, it is politics writ large in Washington..."

Meet Brian Terry:

Brian was a border patrol agent. He didn't make a lot of money. He did, however, serve his country and sought to protect and defend the Constitution.

Meet Brian's family:

Why are they crying? They are at Brian's funeral. They are still crying because they want justice for Brian. Brian was killed with weapons that were part of Operation Fast and Furious, an operation that was more about making news to get more gun control laws than it was about stopping drug cartels. They cry out for justice. You know who else does?

Meet Jaime Zapata:

He was a federal agent. Served his country, unlike you, Ms. Mitchell. He was murdered by guns linked to Fast and Furious.

Meet the Zapatas:

They lost someone because the Obama Administration botched this operation. They lost someone who was killed by guns that were furnished by the country he died defending....Don't you think these families deserve to know how far up the idiocy and incompetence ran? Don't the American people, who paid for this operation? What about these people, Andrea? What about the hundreds, if not thousands of Mexicans killed with these guns? What about them? It is not a &#&&#^^#ng distraction to them, you self serving Obama loving synchophantic tin eared hack!!!! How dare you call this a distraction! How dare you tell the victims' families that they are just a distraction. Shame on you and your entire piss poor propaganda organization, you fish mouthed seabass!