Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A Team of Jokes and Stereotypes

My goodness! Obama appears to be losing Vanity Fair! Even former and current advisors are calling him a failure. From Vanity fair:
Barack Obama famously declared that, if elected, he would want “a team of rivals” in his Cabinet, telling Joe Klein, of Time magazine, “I don’t want to have people who just agree with me. I want people who are continually pushing me out of my comfort zone.” His inspiration was Doris Kearns Goodwin’s best-selling book about Abraham Lincoln, who appointed three men who had been his chief competitors for the presidency in 1860—and who held him, at that point, in varying degrees of contempt—to help him keep the Union together during the Civil War. To say that things haven’t worked out that way for Obama is the mildest understatement. “No! God, no!” one former senior Obama adviser told me when I asked if the president had lived up to this goal. With a few prominent exceptions, Obama has surrounded himself mostly with a team of loyalists. They range from the very competent (Janet Napolitano at Homeland Security) to the perennially controversial (Eric Holder at Justice) to the underwhelmingly anonymous (could anyone but a union leader pick Labor Secretary Hilda Solis out of a lineup?). In the main, Obama relates to his Cabinet the way he relates to the rest of the world. “He’s a total introvert,” the former adviser told me. “He doesn’t need people.”

Obama also doesn't need people because he thinks he is the smartest guy ever. He employs incompetents like geithner, holder, and big sis naopolitano because they are political symbionts who won't stand up to him. He just has yes people who bend to him. This is why he rules as an emperor, because he is surrounded by people too obligated to him to be effective. The article rambles on in defense of these jokers by saying cabinets are blasé anyway. Pathetic.