Monday, June 18, 2012

Where IS that Recovery Summer?

The Washington Examiner wants to know, too:
Two years ago today, the White House announced the start of what it called the "Recovery Summer." This initiative was supposed to prove to the American people that stimulus projects were creating jobs.

If the administration had spent less time trying to justify the failed stimulus and more time on policies that work, the summer of 2012 might be the real recovery summer.

Instead, millions of Americans are still waiting for the economic rebound they were promised.

We've had 40 straight months with unemployment over 8 percent. More than 23 million Americans are unemployed or working less than they would like. Unemployed Americans now spend an average of nearly 40 weeks looking for work. That's the equivalent of losing your job on New Year's Day and not working again until October.

Meanwhile, President Obama recently offered his opinion that the private sector is doing fine. It's only government jobs, he said, that have been lagging. He called on Congress to spend even more taxpayer dollars on unproven programs.

Americans want the private sector to create good long-term jobs, not the government to create more wasteful Solyndras.

It's clear who really has been hurt by the Obama economy. We've lost 433,000 manufacturing jobs, 79,000 real estate jobs, 160,000 telecommunications jobs and 932,000 construction jobs.

Behind all these numbers are people. A homebuilder. A phone salesman in the mall. A real estate agent in the community.

These are real people who've lost the private-sector jobs that their families rely on to put food on the table, a roof over their heads and their kids through college. Republicans are focused on solutions that make it cheaper and easier for the private sector to create jobs.

We need to end job-killing overregulation and make our tax code simpler, flatter and fairer for every American. President Obama recently admitted that not every regulation is smart. So why doesn't he get rid of the bad ones?

We must repeal the president's health care law and its expensive mandates. Small-business owners now face a difficult choice: offer high-cost, government-approved insurance that hampers their growth, or don't offer any coverage at all. That's not a choice Washington should force on Americans. It's time to replace this law with step-by-step reforms that actually reduce costs for businesses and families.

Thats just it. This celebrity president doesn't see people. He sees numbers. He doesn't care as long as his agenda is accomplished and America pays for its "sins" by becoming a third world country.....