Monday, June 18, 2012

While Americans Fall Further Behind, Obama Works on Short Game

Obama is focused like a laser beam.....on golf....from the twitter feed of wh correspondent Mark Knoller:
"@markknoller: Pres Obama has played golf 47 times at Joint Base Andrews, 21 at Ft Belvoir, once at Army-Navy, 17 on Martha's Vineyard & 13 in Hawaii."

"@markknoller: Pres Obama spent just under 5 hrs on the golf course at the Beverly Country Club paying 18 holes in warmy, sunny weather."

"@markknoller: It's just a game of golf. Why are critics so angry and supporters so defensive? Encountered same on GWBush visits to ranch."

All of those were from yesterday. First, to Mr. Knoller: It is a big deal because this prez talked about shared sacrifice and skin in the game while he and his family are living high on the hog on the government dole, traipsing around the world on vacation, weekly expensive concerts.....while most Americans have seen wealth and resources reduced and cut back. It highlights that Obama is woefully out of touch and doesn't care about his fellow Americans. He is spending our money lavishly on his family and union buddies, and more Americans are tired of his and Michelle's Louis xvi like aloofness. More reason why he is a horrible leader and should be retired in November.