Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Wisconsin Recall Aftermath:This is What Democrats Look Like

The level of insanity in the wake of grassroots citizens vs union thugs is a teachable moment. There have been death threats against Scott Walker all over social media. Democrats are saying Walker should be indicted, or that democracy is dead. Notice, even as state law enforcement investigates and catalogues the death threats, the justice dept and Obama are silent. Over at twitchy they have a listing of tweets and such. Warning: the language is awful. However, it does show you how infantile and immature the left is in its petulance. If tea party peeps or gopers did this, we would be hearing about how violent we are. But, liberals say disturbing and hateful things and no one asks for calm. This fits in also with their needy selfishness-everyone else must pay fair shares, but not Josef union guy....he is entitled. Pathetic.