Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chairman Bennett's Statement on Voters First's Failure to Meet Needed Ballot Signatures

COLUMBUS - Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bob Bennett released the following statement in response to Secretary of State Jon Husted's announcement on Voters First:

"The Secretary of State's announcement doesn't come as a surprise given that we have found Voters First to have inaccurately reported high signature counts. As of today, out of 2,000 petitions we have examined, more than ten percent contain grossly inflated signature numbers.

"It is continuously becoming ever clearer that the Voters First petition is based on fraud and deceit. These discrepancies go far beyond the claims of Voters First where they cite 'four examples' or 'isolated incidents' of bad petitions submitted.

"It is important that the public be aware of this abuse of the ballot initiative system; we cannot allow dishonest special interests to hijack Ohio's redistricting process."
I typically don't comment on these least, not usually in the same post anyway, but I need to point out that last sentence from the Chairman and emphasize the point: We cannot allow dishonest special interests to hijack Ohio's redistricting process.

Don't be fooled, Ohio, it is special interests at the heart of this effort...and they aren't YOUR interests they have in mind. Always be cautious about signing petitions. Be sure to read over the literature and ask questions. If these guys get their way, 12 unelected bureaucrats will draw the lines without any possibility of recrimination at the ballot box and repealing it once it is in the state constitution will be VERY difficult.

Stay vigilant!