Monday, July 16, 2012

Ohio Republican Party Launches Review Into Voters First's Petition Signatures

COLUMBUS - Today, the Ohio Republican Party launched a review into thousands of signatures submitted by Voters First as part of a proposed Constitutional Amendment on redistricting reform. After discovering that some of Voters First's circulators used fraudulent tactics to trick citizens to sign petitions, the Party has begun to examine the validity of the signatures collected.

"Given that we have witnessed cases where Voters First engaged in fraudulent activity, we have assembled a team of volunteers to ensure that every petition signature gathered meets Ohio's laws and regulations," said Izzy Santa, spokesperson for the Ohio Republican Party.

A video taken in Cleveland caught a petition circulator advising a signer that it was acceptable to sign the petition on behalf of his brother, who was not present. In another instance, a circulator in Columbus allowed an out-of-state person to sign the petition.

"Considering the unethical standards used by Voters First, we are gravely concerned about this group's attempt to cheat and manipulate our Constitution," added Santa.