Thursday, July 05, 2012

UPDATE: Butler County Port Authority Audit - Management Letter

Previously on WMD, I wrote about a recent audit of the Butler County Port Authority which you can read here. In addition to not engaging in any sort of budget process, which I found shocking; nothing could prepare me for what I learned in the "management letter" found below.

BC Port Authority - 053112
The above letter was obtained via the state's version of a Freedom of Information Act request and I provide it here as a public record for all to see. So, what did we learn? Not only does the Port Authority not have a budget of their own, but they don't properly manage their receipts either. Furthermore, it doesn't appear that there have been ANY updates to their website since sometime in 2010. EXIT QUESTIONS: Is the Port authority still doing business in Butler County? And if so, should it? How much of the county budget went to the Port Authority? And what has been our Return on Investment?