Monday, August 06, 2012

Mike Wilson Stands with Military Voters

Columbus, OH – August 6, 2012: Republican candidate for State Representative in Ohio’s 28th District, Mike Wilson announced Monday his opposition to a lawsuit filed by Obama for America, the Democratic National Committee and the Ohio Democratic Party against Secretary of State Jon Husted and Attorney General Mike DeWine.

The lawsuit seeks to extend early voting privileges held by members of the United States Armed Forces to all voters in the three days prior to Election Day. The lawsuit refers to these extra privileges held by our armed forces as “arbitrary” and unconstitutional. In answer to the lawsuit that was filed on July 17, 2012, a large number of military organizations filed a motion to intervene and a motion to dismiss the lawsuit in order to prevent the lawsuit from impacting the ability of members of the military to vote.

Wilson said, “It is not arbitrary or unconstitutional to give our military an extra three days to ensure their vote is counted. They are subject to restrictions on their travel and free time that regular citizens do not have.”

Wilson also called the actions by Democrats to suppress the military vote hypocritical.

“Democrats at the statehouse voted to enact this change unanimously1, but it is unfortunate they put partisanship ahead of our military when the chips are down. My opponent wears her military experience on her sleeve, but then she is strangely quiet on important issues such as these that directly affect our military. Shame on Connie Pillich for turning her back on our military and staying silent while her President and her party file this lawsuit,” Wilson said.