Saturday, August 25, 2012

RIP: Judge Rachel Hutzel

Rachel was one of the really, truly good people in politics and she will be missed. As I said on Facebook, I didn't even know she was ill.

Mark and I had a chance to share lunch with her a few years ago and she was one of the most open and honest people I have come to know in this business.

Cincinnati Enquirer has more here.

Mark's Remarks

Judge Hutzel was an amazing woman. She had a tremendously sharp legal mind, a biting wit, and a devotion to justice and her family. I still remember her bringing her mother to Lincoln Day Dinners in Brown County and introducing her around.

I always enjoyed our chats over the time I got to know her and run into her. She was quick with answers and logic, but also was able to make some biting witticisms. She was spunky and dedicated.

I wonder if that disgusting and overrated sleezejay for 700 WLW Scott Sloan did a happy dance when he heard the news. He always seemed to have a vendetta and get off making fun of this dedicated, faithful, and hardworking public servant, painting her as some type of fascist. I asked Rachel about this, and she never held a grudge. "He doesn't know me, or understand all the facts of the case. It's his job to just comment, whether or not he knows the facts." Then she would smile. Warren County, Ohio and the 12 district court of appeals have lost someone special. Condolences and deepest sympathy to her family and friends.