Sunday, September 16, 2012

Three Brown County Women Enjoyed the Booing God Convention

Three Brown County women enjoyed attending a convention where God was booed and shouted down not ONCE, NOT TWICE, BUT THREE TIMES. I wonder what their churches (if they have any) think about it? These women, two teachers who are union hacks, one who was a "close" confidant of Ted Strickland and head of a local teacher union terribly misrepresent the facts. The close confidant of Ted Strickland has in the past with other superintendents railroaded prospective teachers if she knew they were republican, leading to them not being hired and/or put on substitute lists. But then again, that is what liberals do. From the Obama Propaganda rag in Brown County, the News Democrat:
Alta Beasley, long-time supporter of the Brown County Democratic Party, Melissa Cropper, president of the Ohio Federation of Teachers, and Theresa Montgomery, a retired educator, have returned to Brown County from their trip to the 46th Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

It was Beasley's second time attending the event, and the first for Cropper and Montgomery.

You may recognize the name Beasley....this woman is related to Gordon Beasley, the former Brown County Engineer (who allowed numerous homes to be built in flood plains, then claims no culpability) who went on to become one of the most inept heads of ODOT this state has ever had.

In the article, the women all remark how the convention was highlighted by regular people speaking...You know, regular people like Sandra Fluke, the woman who thinks the govt. should pay for her irresponsibility with her own vagina by making churches violate their own creeds by paying for contraceptives and birth control. Or, people like the former Michigan governor who claiimed Obama saved the American auto industry, while not talking about how GM is ready to go bankrupt again, or how Ford was able to do better without accepting bailout money!

Or how about all these "regular folks" who booed God:

So, the next time Josh Black, Kelly Moran, Tom Grennan, Sherrod Brown, Dale Anderson, or any other person running on the Democrat ticket visit you and ask for your vote...ask them some simple questions:
1. Are they Christian?
2. Did they know their party booed God three times?
3. If they know this, then how can they claim the same mantle that not only boos God, but cheers when talking about killing 50 million babies through abortion?
4. If they are a Democrat, then how can they be a Christian since the Democrat National Convention boos God down?

I'm just curious their answer......