Thursday, September 13, 2012

WaPo Obama Boosters Clueless About MidEast

While talking about how the Embassy and Consulate attacks could be the biggest challenge for Obama, Obama Propagandists had this gem to say about the MidEast and North Africa:
The attacks offered a vivid reminder that despite more than a year of turbulence that has produced a more democratic Middle East and North Africa, violent extremists remain a potent force. And it is still unclear whether the new governments in Libya and Egypt are able, or willing, to confront those bent on attacking U.S. interests.

A more democratic Middle East? One where more and more women face sharia law? That is democratic? One where apostates face death sentences because they are not devout followers of the religion of Islam? More democratic? Give me a break. Unless you are talking about democracy in the Aristotle definition of rule by the mob or frenzies.

The Middle East is about as democratic as Ronald Reagan was liberal.

Then, the part about whether the new governments are able or willing to confront the attackers? Hello, morons! The attackers were fellow travellers in the islamist fanaticism! The President of Egypt is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, a known supporter of terrorists! This Morsy guy even wants us to go after people who made the film, as if we were dictators like he and his brotherhood are:
The Egyptian government is struggling to walk a fine line on this situation. On the one hand, the Egyptian public is deeply offended by the video and looks to its government to defend the faith. While President Morsy has made some lukewarm statements about the responsibility of the Egyptian government to protect diplomatic missions, he has issued much stronger words denouncing the film.

Indeed, he has demanded the United States take "all possible legal action" against the producers of the movie, an indication he does not fully understand our First Amendment. This is a widespread problem across the Arab world: People who have lived their lives largely under dictatorship simply cannot understand how a film can be made without government sanction. Their protest against the film is a protest against America.