Thursday, October 04, 2012

Libs: It was All ______'s Fault Regarding Poor Obama Debate Showing

Al Gore:  It was the altitude's fault.  No Kidding.  That is what he said. 

Stephanie Cutter:  It was all Jim Lehrer's Fault! 

Michael Moore:  It was all John Kerry's Fault!
Here is a tweet he sent:  This is what happens when u pick John Kerry as your debate coach."

Bill Maher:  Lehrer sucked!  (from his twitter)

Others who blamed Lehrer via twitter were the View's Sherri Sheppard (upset Moochelle may not be able to have the View gals over to the White House next year for tea), ABC news Dan Abrams, Daily Beast writer Michael Tomasky, and the host who nobody watches because she is ugly, a liar, and boring--Rachel Maddow.

The fact of the matter, people, is that it is Obama's fault.  He can't live without the prompter.  We have seen that the Wizard of O is not so big and bad behind the curtain without his props.  It is liberalism's fault and the media's fault for not vetting and propping up this clown for the last four years.  Liberalism is full of lies, and when it faces real conservatism and articulation of the ideas like Romney engaged in, it always loses. 

But, as usual, the liberals have to blame someone else....As my friend Tom Blumer at bizzyblog says...BooHooOuch!