Thursday, October 04, 2012

Obama Sez That Wasnt Real Romney Last Night...Was it Real Obama?

Or is this the real Barack Obama?


Barack Obama the image of the post racial president is not real.  He is a brand.  He has been created by the media, protected by the media, as well as his handlers.  He finally faced direct challenges to him and his so called accomplishments.  Last night, we got a view at who Obama really is, and the video above further illustrates that he is someone who is not intellectually curious, someone who is as closeminded as Jeremiah Wright, who Obama admits in the video above from 2007 shaped him.  We did see Mitt Romney last night, but in the ultimate case of liberal projection, Obama is saying that was not the real Mitt that kicked his arse last night....seriously, that all you have?  How pathetic, how not worthy of the office of the President!

The real Barack Obama...petulant, blank, smirking, sneering, and arrogantly parroting big lies trying to get people to believe them.  Exactly what we see in this video and exactly what we saw in the debates last night...