Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Support Stacey Dash, Maligned for Supporting Mitt

Actress Stacey Dash didn't think it would be that big a deal.  She tweeted that she was supporting Governor Mitt Romney and why.  You may know Ms. Dash from her films like Clueless, Illegal in Blue, and many other appearances on film and TV.  She is an African American actress.  Well, the hate and threats and racist taunts began immediately.  Stand up for people like Ms. Dash.  Support people who are willing to come out and not be cowed by racist stereotypes and what the left and conventional wisdom expect from them.  Here is a recent interview she did regarding the firestorm with Piers Morgan:

She speaketh the truth.  And it is her right to do it.  It is racist to think she just has to blindly support Mr. Obama.  The liberals are hating on her for speaking her own mind.  Funny, from the party of tolerance that they would be doing such things.  But not really.  It is actually very typical.