Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Debate of a Lifetime

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The hype for debates is often overblown while the substance of the event itself disappoints. That was not the case last night.
The reviews of the first presidential debate are in, and the unquestioned winner was Mitt Romney. Check out this video of Mitt Romney dismantling the President’s position during the debate. And the Republican National Committee quickly put together this fact check pointing out some of the President’s less than truthful positions.
I hate to be so one sided—everyone believes in equal time after all. But the President’s debate performance was a lot like his presidency. It was unfocused and inconsistent. He wasn’t forceful. He displayed no leadership. If President Obama thought that anything Mitt Romney said was incorrect or if he thought any of his criticisms of the President’s record was unfair, we didn’t hear it.
Simply put, Mitt Romney showed why he is ready to be president and why is ready to end the economic downturn. President Obama? Not so much.