Thursday, November 29, 2012

Niehaus (He Retroactively Raised Our Taxes) Chickens Out Again

(Columbus) - Ohio Senate President Tom Niehaus (R- New Richmond) issued the following statement today regarding House Bill 125:

"I made a decision this week to end Senate consideration of House Bill 125. Unfortunately, certain proponents of the bill continue to bully members of my caucus into bypassing the committee process and bringing it directly to the Senate floor for a vote. This move would effectively shut down all public input and hearing on a bill that has been changed multiple times without a single hearing on its newly proposed content.

"A discharge petition to force a vote on such a controversial and potentially unconstitutional new law would completely defy the due process of the legislature. I have decided to move the bill back to the Senate Rules Committee, where it is required to sit for at least 30 days before a discharge petition can take effect.

"I respect the disappointment and appreciate the understanding of most in the pro-life community on this decision, and I will not allow the divisive tactics of a few radicals to distract from the important work we need to do in the remaining days of this General Assembly."