Friday, January 18, 2013

Bob Bennett Re-Elected Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party

COLUMBUS - Bob Bennett released the following statement after he was unanimously re-elected to serve another term as Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party.

New ORP Officers

Marilyn Ashcraft (Marietta), Tracey Winbush (Youngstown), Bob Bennett (Cleveland), Ranae Lentz (Bellefontaine)

"I'm proud to serve a twelfth term as chairman of the Ohio Republican Party and I'm honored to chair the Party of leaders who aren't afraid to tackle the big and challenging issues facing hard working Ohio families."

Executive officers for the Ohio Republican Party will serve two year terms. The following officers were elected today:

Chairman: Bob Bennett
Secretary: Marilyn Ashcraft
Treasurer: Ranae Lentz
Assistant Treasurer: Tracey Winbush

Jo Ann Davidson will serve as Temporary Vice Chairman until a candidate is elected at the next State Committee meeting on April 12th. The Ohio Republican Party's full election results are available on request. Officers were sworn-in by Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judi French.