Sunday, February 24, 2013

Chronicles from the Medicaid Expansion War

While attending the Brown County GOP Lincoln - Reagan Day Dinner last night, Mark and I got a chance to chat a bit with our good friend, State Representative John Becker. John gave us a preview of a statement that he will be releasing in the February edition of The Becker Report.

State Representative John Becker

Those who stand against government-run healthcare have a strong ally in John Becker. I hear that there are a good number of John's friends in the Ohio House of Representatives who feel as he does but aren't quite as vocal in their opposition. To them, I say, "Buck up!" This is the last line of defense. There is no tomorrow. We either push back the statist agenda on health care here, or we face an abyss. The truly sinister part about all of this is that it will be future generations who have to pay for our mistakes if we don't get this right.

Stand up and fight with John Becker against KasichCaid...

Mark's Remarks

It was indeed refreshing to see a member of the General Assembly present who actually stood for something, rather than just talk about all the competing interests and how hard it is to make a decision...I Stand with John Becker, and to those in the General Assembly who do not, we WILL be watching...AND reporting...BANK ON IT!