Wednesday, February 06, 2013

ORP on Kasich Budget

COLUMBUS, OH - Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bob Bennett called Governor John Kasich's new Ohio Jobs 2.0 Budget blueprint a win for Ohio families.

"The smart and timely policies put forward in Governor Kasich's new budget really take President Obama to school," said ORP Chairman Bob Bennett.

"Ohio families should be pleased with Governor's new Jobs Budget 2.0 because it tackles the big challenges facing Ohio, and is a blueprint to provide funding for our schools, incentives to our college students to graduate faster, while also cutting income taxes, sales taxes, and taxes on small businesses. Governor Kasich's bold new budget builds on momentum from his last budget, and is essential to put Ohio's fiscal house back in order and continue our progress."

Today marked the deadline for President Obama to submit a budget to Congress. This is the fourth time in five years that he's failed to submit the budget on time and equal to the record of the previous three presidents.