Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Portman's Continuing Expedient Flip Flops: Gun Rights?

Rob Portman always campaigned as a conservative.  He made appeals to God and to the Constitution, advocating for limited government, balanced budgets, and for government to stay out of people's lives.  Well, now we see that was all just shilling to get votes.  Rob Portman evidently believes none of these things, or if we are to believe his logic, he has "evolved."  More likely, Rob Portman listens to his handlers and his PR folks and they are telling him what he thinks he can do so he can run for President.  Well, Mr. Portman, this conservative is no longer fooled.  His latest epiphany appears to be on gun rights.  Rob Portman used to brag about his gun ownership.  Well, apparently, that has changed.  So, if we follow his previous logic on why he changed views, either his lefty wife or maybe the family dog got scared by a gunshot and now all guns need to be taken away and we need to know who has them.  According to the National Association for Gun Rights, Rob Portman is cooking up an anti gun bill that will give Obama the centerpiece of his anti-gun agenda:
Sen. Rob Portman is rumored to be working on an anti-gun deal that would federally expand background checks on gun owners -- the key component of Barack Obama’s anti-gun agenda.

This would be contrary to everything Rob Portman has said he believes.  However, for him, urinating on principles is nothing new.  He urinated on the Bible's principles last week and now he wants to do the same to the Constitution. 

Would someone primary this guy and beat him?