Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Senate President Faber Announces Legislation to Ban Internet Cafés

(Columbus) – Ohio Senate President Keith Faber announced today that legislators will take immediate action to ban Internet cafés in the state of Ohio.

“In the last 24 hours, my caucus received briefings from law enforcement officials, and we’ve been given enough information at this point to make an informed decision about how to proceed,” Faber said. “I am convinced that these entities are not only illegal but that many of them also engage in criminal activity within their facilities. Ohioans did not contemplate this kind of unregulated activity when they voted to approve gaming in this state, so the time to act is now.”

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, Public Safety Director Tom Charles and Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien joined Faber for the announcement. Faber added that he will personally introduce on Thursday a moratorium bill that immediately halts the expansion of Internet cafes. The bill contains an emergency clause that, with the governor’s signature, makes it effective immediately.

“The moratorium requires all operators to file new affidavits on a form prescribed by the attorney general,” he said. “Failure to properly comply will carry penalties of up to $1,000 per day and other potential sanctions.”

The moratorium is necessary because an existing moratorium on Internet café expansion expires in June.

Faber also announced that senators would immediately begin work on House Bill 7, the legislation that would enact a ban on Internet café operations in Ohio. He added that his goal is to move the legislation in May.
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