Saturday, May 18, 2013

WMD Blast: Kasich and Shelton Edition

Kasich Goes Full Obama and Enlists Help of Children to Lobby His Agenda?

Columbus Dispatch's The Daily Briefing blog has the story.

He's probably joking, but this is exactly the sort of thing one might expect from our governor these days.

What's next, John? An Enemies List???

Judy Shelton LIED to Her Own Party

Judy Shelton is the Central Committee Chairman in Butler County. She's been engaging in some shenanigans with the Board of Elections to rearrange the precincts. She actually told the Central Committee that it wouldn't happen and that those who were concerned were "ill-informed" but here is the Hamilton Journal News reporting that the lines will be redrawn.

So, Republicans of Butler County I ask you this: NOW WILL YOU VOTE THIS CHARLATAN OUT???

Why is this such a big deal? Shelton is consolidating her power base by minimizing the number of seats in Central Committee in Tea Party areas of the county. Having Dave Kern as Executive Chairman is nice and all, but if the Tea Party wants to wield actual power in this county, they have to get Judy Shelton replaced with someone who holds real conservative values.