Friday, July 19, 2013

St. Rep. Becker Introduces Bill Allowing Hunters to Use Noise Suppressors

COLUMBUS—State Representative John Becker (R-Union Township) has introduced House Bill 234, legislation that will allow hunters to use noise suppressors on their firearms. In order to qualify, a hunter would be required to have a valid Ohio hunting license and a Federal Class 3 license for the suppressor.

He is co-sponsoring the bill with Representative Cheryl Grossman (R-Grove City).

“I am very pleased that Representative Grossman asked me to join her as a joint sponsor of this bill,” Becker said. “This legislation will help prevent hearing loss for those who choose to use a suppressor. It will also cut down on noise that can be disturbing to others.”

HB 234 will be assigned to a House committee where it will be taken up for consideration.