Thursday, October 03, 2013

Confirmed: Obama Puts Up Fences to Keep WWII Vets out of Own Memorial

From Team Twitchy:

And, I guess you can no longer dream, either:

This is unprecedented, folks.  In previous shutdowns, monuments like this that were outdoors and generally didn't need protection were allowed to stay opened.  So, the question is:  why is Obama doing this?  And before you say that it is not Obama, I point you back to the reports in the first link, where spokespeople are saying the orders come from the Office of Management and Budget, which is under the executive branch.  And why are these monuments getting closed, but others are not?  It is all about trying to inflict hurt and frame the public narrative.  From Fox News:

House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings, R-Wash., accused the administration of selectively closing parks. His office noted that less-visited sites like the Constitutional Gardens remain open, while major draws like the National Mall are closed.
"It appears as though only the highly visible monuments and areas are being closed to the public -- further proof that the Obama Administration is only playing politics and purposely choosing to make this shut down as painful as possible," he said in a statement.
House Republicans are trying to push a series of mini-spending bills aimed at prying open certain portions of the government, including national parks and monuments.
After failing to get the bills passed on Tuesday, Republicans will try once again on Wednesday. In addition to bills funding the National Park Service and Veterans Affairs operations, and allowing the District of Columbia to spend money, Republicans are putting up more spending bills specific to the National Institutes of Health and the National Guard and Reserves.  

Disgusting.  Obama is nothing more than a tin pot dictator, and his arrogant actions are showing it.