Saturday, January 11, 2014

Montgomery County GOP: Unelected Chairman?

On Facebook, Missy Mae Walters posted the following:
To all my friends in the Montgomery County GOP - I thought this was quite an interesting letter from Phil Plummer who states he was elected Chairman of the local Republican Party. Please know there was no election. The last central committee meeting was such a cluster$&@"/mess that Phil Plummer had to shout everyone down as he tried to get a vote. The floor motioned to close the meeting and it was seconded. Phil has just declared himself king without the support of the majority of the central committee. He ends his letter by stating... "United we stand -Divided we fall." I'm here to tell everyone who I helped to recruit and am friends on Central Committee - all 84 of you that Phil Plummer has anointed himself Chairman. We are in a lot of trouble on the local level after the illegal crap these jokers have pulled in an already beat down local organization. So now a message to the local democrats - you have every reason to salivate. It's back to business as normal. Enjoy continuing to win county offices. It's going to be hard for this local group to get their act together. They have little knowledge of what it takes to run an organized ground game. As long as Phil believes a party is built on a building and money, your team will continue to win. After the 2014 elections, I would love to know if Phil will enjoy being king.
So...another weak establishment GOP move.