Friday, September 18, 2015

New Day in Butler County

Long time readers of WMD might like to note that earlier this week, Butler County GOP Central Committee chair Judy Shelton resigned her positions with the party and the Board of Elections.

While many who served with me in my time on the Central Committee know that Judy and I did not have the best relationship, I am deeply saddened to learn that one of her children recently passed away. If she and/or her husband (sidebar: he once called me a not-so-nice name to my face at a meeting once) happen to see this, I wish to express my deepest condolences for their loss.

In the Journal-News article, Shelton says, “It’s time with the presidential (election) coming up. I would like to see fresh, new leadership going forward.” Personally, I thought it was "time" quite awhile ago. She's been divisive. She's held on to power that she shouldn't have (speaking of the BOE position...) when the by-laws (at least at the time anyway) instructed something different. In general, I have found her willing to accept a lot of the shenanigans that have plagued the Butler County Republican Party over the years. Some might even suggest that she allowed it and encouraged it. The turmoil kept the factions fighting instead of uniting to stop a lot of it.

I'm glad to see her go.

Looking forward, there are several good people that I'd love to see step up. Bill Lack would be fantastic. He's smart and a savvy political operative, but he's busy with other pursuits. Nancy Riggs is exactly the right sort of person for the job too, but I hear she isn't interested in running.

Chris Wunnenburg is the most likely successor. He's politically astute and has been trying for years to advance in the hierarchy. My understanding is that he has the support of elected officials and Team Boehner, which makes him a pretty good bet.

Unless Roger Reynolds or Nancy Nix decide to run (and they are both too busy with their official duties, I would think), Chris has my support as well.

It is well past time for real reform to come to Butler County.