Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ohio's Online Checkbook for Local Government

Friend of WMD, Gary Lewis, the Auditor of the City of Hillsboro, has begun participation in a program that State Treasurer Josh Mandel started that posts local government spending online. It's the sort of transparency that government should be scrutinized by the public. Politicians ought to desire this level of openness and the taxpaying public ought to demand it.

Local government can be the worst for corruption and bad fiscal policy. By posting financial transactions, governments -- and politicians -- can be held accountable for their fiscal condition. Mandel's willingness to spearhead such an effort is a testament to his dedication to government reform. More local auditors ought to follow Lewis's lead and hop on board this bandwagon.

Check out Ohio's Online Checkbook to see if your local government is participating. If they aren't, be sure to ask your local elected officials why not.