Wednesday, September 23, 2015

RELEASE: Faber Announces Effort to Redirect Taxpayer Dollars Away from Abortion Providers

COLUMBUS - Ohio Senate President Keith Faber (R-Celina) announced today the introduction of legislation that would divert public funding away from any entity associated with performing non-therapeutic abortions in Ohio.

This legislation follows recently released videos that show officials at Planned Parenthood seeking to profit off of the sale of body parts of unborn children. The investigation, initiated by the Center for Medical Progress, displayed Planned Parenthood officials negotiating the sale of body parts from unborn babies as well as describing the process in which body parts could be harvested once a deal was agreed upon.

"The recent developments regarding Planned Parenthood are disturbing and quite frankly inexcusable," said Faber. "The practices outlined in these videos are not only reprehensible but also illegal under Ohio law, and this bill will ensure that public money is not funding such activities."

The proposed legislation would divert public funds in Ohio away from entities that:
  1. Perform non-therapeutic abortions
  2. Promote non-therapeutic abortions
  3. Have a contract with any entity that performs or promotes non-therapeutic abortions
  4. Become or continue to be an affiliate of any entity that performs or promotes non-therapeutic abortions
The state of Ohio gave $1.3 million in taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood alone in 2014. Pending passage of this legislation, this funding could be diverted to the more than 300 alternative health care providers in Ohio as well as the 50 Community Action Agencies across the state.

"It is our intention to use these public funds to provide family planning services and comprehensive healthcare to women and children in Ohio," said Faber.

The FY 2016-17 state budget sustained funding to vital women's health services such as breast and cervical cancer screenings at alternative clinics that to do not provide abortions. Currently, none of the twenty-five Planned Parenthood clinics in Ohio provide prenatal care or mammograms. According to Planned Parenthood’s Annual Report, 94% of their services to pregnant women are abortions.