Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Boehner Circus

The List (via Cincinnati Enquirer) is long and getting longer...

  • Sheriff Richard "Spotlight" Jones - Get serious...
  • Bill Coley - The former state representative topped insiders' lists for who might run...He didn't respond Friday to requests for comment."
  • Tim Derickson - Term limited in Ohio House - "I in no way could have anticipated this possibility, but now that it is an open seat, I'm seriously considering a run for that seat."
  • Ross MacGregor - "Some people label me 'liberal.' I prefer 'moderate."
  • Kieth Faber - Lives outside the district - "A spokesman for Faber declined to comment."
  • J.D. Winteregg - "I'm not afraid to confront people on different issues, and that's what the Republican Party needs."
  • Wes Retherford - "I really haven't had a chance to collect my thoughts."
  • Seth Morgan - "I don't know if I'm ready to say one way or the other."
  • Chris Widener
  • Bill Beagle - Just announced he's in today.
  • Roger Reynolds - "At this point, that's not something I'm prepared to talk about." - 9/30 UPDATE: He's in.  Everybody else should drop out.  This is the guy!
  • Joe Deters - Lives outside the district - "No chance"
  • Not in the Enquirer article, but heard elsewhere: Steve Austria
Even though it is not a requirement for Congressman to live in the districts they represent,. I --and many people who still live in the district-- prefer that they do.  That will eliminate a few from the list.

Keep an eye on Coley.  Once he makes his decision, that will determine who stays and who goes.

I fully expect the Ohio Republican Party to try and push Faber on to the scene.  Expect the people in the district to tell the party to get bent.  Pound sand.  Go away.  But they'll try it anyway.

Derickson should get in because after having developed so far as a legislator, it would be a shame to waste the talent.

Spotlight and Winteregg will provide all of the comedy...

I picked a fabulous time to return to blogging......