Wednesday, October 07, 2015

RELEASE: St. Rep. Pelanda’s Bill Strengthens Ohio’s Record Sealing Law

COLUMBUS—State Representative Dorothy Pelanda (R-Marysville) today announced that the Ohio House has passed House Bill 164, legislation that strengthens Ohio’s Conviction Record Sealing Law. Rep. Pelanda was a joint sponsor of the bill.
House Bill 164 alters the Conviction Record Sealing Law to allow a person who is convicted of an offense to apply to have the conviction sealed if the penalty for the offense has been changed so that convictions for that offense can now be sealed since the date of conviction.
By making this change, the law coincides with other recent actions taken by the General Assembly to make the state’s justice system more rehabilitative. Oftentimes, the sealing of a record can provide assistance with employment and can allow those who may not have previously been eligible for such opportunities because of their records to be fairly considered.
“For many, the sealing of a record or its expungement can provide assistance with employment opportunities and enhance the likelihood of personal success which might otherwise be denied,” Rep. Pelanda stated.
The bipartisan legislation passed with a vote of 93-1 and will now be under consideration by the Ohio Senate.