Monday, October 05, 2015

The Butler County Seat in Congress

Auditor and Great American Roger Reynolds
As you all know, with John Boehner's coming retirement there is a HUGE opportunity for somebody to step onto a MUCH larger stage.  With that in mind, the Butler County Republican Party has some BIG shoes to fill and as the county with the largest population in the district, they also have greater responsibility to choose wisely.  It is great to hear that the party leadership has chosen to not endorse any particular candidate and allow the membership to make that decision without undue command influence.

Why is it important for Butler County to represented by one of their own?  Should their congressman be from somewhere else, it becomes possible that the area gets split during redistricting and the county could lose a lot.  Butler county has always been a strong, mostly conservative turnout.  Other areas could try to chip off that support in order to strengthen their own positions.

Since I no longer live in Butler County, the preceding paragraph really doesn't hold much weight with me as an argument.  What does, is making sure that the Eighth Congressional District gets the very best representative that it possibly can and in my opinion, that means Roger Reynolds

Roger has integrity.  He's intelligent and has the courage to do what needs to be done.  He's a fighter for conservative principles.  He believes government should be small and efficient.  There are maybe five politicians in this whole state whom I would quit my job and go work for if asked, Roger is one of them.  He's THAT GOOD.

Butler County Republicans, I urge you to unite behind Roger Reynolds and make Congress better.