Friday, July 09, 2004

IAFF Blasts Bush...

From the TIB Network:
The International Association of Fire Fighters are claiming that the Bush administration is actually doing less, not more, for first responders.

Now those of us who actually pay attention to the real world know that the President has accomplished a LOT for Homeland Security. Here's a taste:
# Helping our First Responders: The Federal Government has provided more than $13 billion to equip and train local officials such as firefighters, police officers, and EMS workers to respond to terrorism and other emergencies and created a National Incident Management system. Over 500,000 responders have been trained in weapons of mass destruction awareness and response since September 11, 2001.
And then there is this:
The President's 2003 Budget proposes to spend $3.5 billion on enhancing the homeland security response capabilities of America's first responders -- a greater than 10-fold increase in Federal resources.
And then this one which really spells it out so well; I'm not going to quote it, just go read it.

And here is a blurb about the administrations efforts to get help for the smaller communities:
One of the best strategies to build capability in communities outside major metropolitan areas is to develop mutual aid agreements to share resources. First responders from smaller communities need assistance in organizing and developing the unified command and control procedures and protocols necessary for operationally sound mutual aid. These agreements will enable neighboring jurisdictions to share specialized resources, rather than duplicate them in every jurisdiction.

President Bush's 2003 budget provides $140 million to assist these communities in planning and establishing mutual aid agreements. While mutual cooperation and mutual aid agreements have existed over the years in support of civil defense, fire, and National Guard activities, this is the first time that the federal government has directly supported the establishment of mutual aid agreements with federal resources.
[Emphasis belongs to the White House.]

This stuff was not hard to find. The IAFF has continued to expose themselves as partisan hacks that do not represent the best interests of their constituents, but rather the Democratic Party.

One wonders what the Fire Fighters for Bush thinks about this...

I'm voting for George W. Bush...and you should too.

- Matt

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