Monday, August 06, 2007

About Those Leaks

From Rush Limbaugh's daily email:
The FBI raided the home of former Justice Department lawyer Thomas Tamm in an effort to determine who leaked details of the NSA terrorist surveillance program to the Drive-By Media. This guy is a Clinton holdover. It's about time the Bush administration got serious about going after those who leak national security information in an effort to undermine the war on terror.
These leaks are a menace and should be investigated with as much vim and vigor as those calling for John Boehner's head for revealing some tidbit about the FISA court ruling that caused the need for closing the loophole.

8/7 UPDATE: Welcome KOSsacks. If you really want your head to explode, check out my wingnut defense of Boehner here. Or not...I know y'all like to think you're from the "reality based" community.