Saturday, July 12, 2008

TIB All Stars Are On the Air...7/12/08

Hey, we are on the air! And it WILL BE the TIB All Stars as Tom Blumer has served his suspension and is back with us....Click on the TIB radio banner on the right sidebar to listen in.

We begin the program tonight with some very special music...provided by Tony Snow, who passed away this morning after battling cancer...

Tony Snow: the Happy Warrior, and how the AP Smeared Him

We discuss the former press secretary, sharing our reminiscences.(see Matt's post earlier today) Tom Blumer excoriates the AP for its smears against Mr. Snow. Shame on them, but what do you expect from Associated Pravda? Still, it is disgusting and reeks. Tom also gives us obits done right....

Thanks for Showing the Media is in the Tank for You, Barry

Barry Hussein O'bama debunks NBC's slobbery tale of his linguistic prowess. Thanks for the assist, Barry, but we don't need your help...

Polls Show Obama and McCain in Dead Heat, even with Dem Oversampling.....

Deez Nuts?

The Trib Headline is Hilarious.....
What if Mike Dukakis said this or Bubba Clinton? What if it were a Republican?

Obama and Iran

Are they are threat or not?
What would he do?

McCain, Why Don't You talk about Obama's Dubious Earmarks?

Jennifer Rubin does the legwork for Team McCain, now if only he would use it...

Obama VEEP Stakes: Manna From Heaven?

Could Friend of Angelo Chris Dodd be Obama's choice? Ed Morrisey Weighs in and we discuss.

Obama's Plan for Iraq Sucks, Say People Who Have Actually Been There Recently

Nuance Doesn't Matter. His Webplan simply won't work. Austin Bay has more.

Environmental Madness and Hope

Hope for Malaria problems in Uganda...yes, it is DDT.

Inhofe says Big Brother Alive and Well at EPA--we are wasting money on a hoax and should not regulate carbon dioxide...After all, what will be next, a breathing tax?

A Moment with Justin from RightontheRight

He's going to the GOP National Convention and we talk with him about it....
TECHNICAL TROUBLE....Instead we raid Justin's site for stories as the phone systme fizzles..oh well, more torture for the monkeys....

T. Boone Pickens's Plan and discussion

The Plan
Check out this past week for some analysis posted by Matt....