Saturday, August 02, 2008

TIB Radio is on the Air....August 2nd, 2008

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Iraq Troop Deaths Down, Cynical Obama Still Says No to Surge after it Works

We discuss the numbers and Tom's great piece about the Surge, Obama, and all sorts of things.

And Barry, you call McCain Cynical? Cynical is calling people of faith bitter clingers. Cynical is being an empty suit and thinking the American people are stupid.

For Transcending Race, Barry "Who's Sayin" Obama Likes to Talk it an Awful Lot

We discuss some advice for Obama on Race and why we should hope he continues to bring it up....
Is the "Dollar Bill" Comment and the Denials and Affirmations a flip flop?

Another flipflop?

Off shore drilling position change? What do the moonbats like it? Nope...Aww, did we get taken in by an empty suit? Sucks, don't it?

The Republicans Sit in For Getting Energy Done

We discuss the letter Leader Boehner and others sent to Pelosi and the idiot Zack Space saying Screw the American people, I gotta campaign! Check out this week's posts here on WMD, and look at this slide Bizzy found!

Barry Was For Reparations Before He was Against Them? But Hey, He Says He's Consistent, so...

To doubt his holiness, we would be racist, but it sounds a little dubious..To wit, Obama spoke at the UNITY 08 conference and said:
“I personally would want to see our tragic history, or the tragic elements of our history, acknowledged,” the Democratic presidential hopeful said.

“I consistently believe that when it comes to whether it’s Native Americans or African-American issues or reparations, the most important thing for the U.S. government to do is not just offer words, but offer deeds.” a rather pro-reparations group, this sounds like Barry is for reparations...however, today, just to be "consistent", Barry today issued the following:
I have said in the past — and I'll repeat again — that the best reparations we can provide are good schools in the inner city and jobs for people who are unemployed," the Illinois Democrat said recently.

As Little Green Footballs said,
"It’s telling that Barack Obama has to start off every policy statement with, “I’ve said before ... I’ve been consistent ... I’ve consistently said ... I’ll repeat again ...”

He seems a little sensitive about the “consistency” issue."

Oh, and according to this story, "Barack Obama Opposes Offering Reparations, Apologies for Slavery." So, when is he going to condemn the House for apologizing for slavery...he needs to send that memo to the LeftySphere for singing the praises of the empty gesture of Bullwhip Nancy and the House.

And, in the original story, note the difference between the Honolulu coverage and the "in the tank" Trib story. How can one be restrained if you give two standing O's and bumrush the stage? Hmm?

What Did Professor Obama Indoctrinate Our Kids With?

We look at Obama's take on American history as well as what he actually taught in his classroom....


Who would be Obama's wingman? Who would help steady McCain?

Media In Tank for Obama,"He's a man of few rhetorical stumbles?"

The New York Times says this, but this is a someone who said you treat asthma with a breathalyzer, that a tornado killed 10,000, and that there are 57 states....which his rhetorical genius is just as egregious as his flipflops and show lack of judgement and competence and understanding....(hat tip to Say Anything)More rhetorical "stumbles" over at JustOneMinute.
Also, check out