Monday, March 16, 2009

Butler County Update

I need to take a moment to highlight a few stories from our favorite intrepid reporter: Josh.

The first deals with Butler County's IRS problem. The second features with a somewhat controversial (although not to me) change in the rules at Butler County Children's Services on the adoption process. And the last one is about the Commissioners stance on the Return of E-Check.

Allow me a brief summation of my views on these stories...

IRS: These are some pretty silly IRS rules. Maybe government ought to do away with the IRS altogether... I'm just saying... My good friend Roger Reynolds ought to do something about that...and I'm sure that he would if he could!

Adoption: If Butler County has enough folks lined up to adopt these kids that they feel the need to filter who can adopt, that's okay in my book. However, this was Mike Fox's idea, so that is going to give me pause to reconsider...

E-Check: Down with the E-Check...we have it on the ground, stomp on it some more!