Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wenstrup on Mayor Mallory's Defense of Cole

(CINCINNATI, OH) Cincinnati Mayoral candidate, Brad Wenstrup, took aim at the mayor's defense of Y. Laketa Cole's actions during a recent traffic stop.

Mallory said in an Enquirer article that he is "convinced she did nothing improper" in reference to calls made by Cole to two top city officials during a traffic stop. The mayor proceeded to encourage everyone to make the same calls if they are stopped in traffic, provided they have their cell phone numbers.

"It is clear that she has direct access to city officials that the rest of the city does not," Wenstrup said. "It is inappropriate for public officials to use their positions in such a self-serving way when the people they serve are unable to do the same. For the mayor to condone such an action is surprising."

The Enquirer article stated that Cole called to make a special request for a certain type of towing vehicle to be used for her friend's motorcycle.

"We place our trust in our elected officials to live by the rules that we must follow." Wenstrup added. "Cincinnati deserves leadership that will not condone impropriety or the appearance thereof."
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